Skin Recovery Shampoo

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Due to the unique formula of comfrey, coltsfoot and witch hazel in the shampoo, the horse is washed and problems such as mug, dander, irritation and chafing are reduced. The disinfecting effect of the product makes the Skin Recovery a treatment that every horse with ailments experiences as a relief.

 Because of the natural anti-bacterial properties of the ingredients  the Skin Recovery leaves behind a delicious mint scent.


Apply two pumps to a wet coat and lather for good effect. Close tightly after use. Horsque recommends trying this product on a small area of skin first. Store in a dry place. For use in animals only. For external use only

#Insta-nt love

I think it's really nice shampoos to work with! Her fur became super fine and soft and shined completely 😍


Normally I have to wash his tail 3/4 x to get it white and even then it still has a kind of brown glow over it and that's with the 'good' stuff like cowboy magic


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