Shiny Silver Shampoo

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Horsque Shiny Silver is very suitable for the light colored horse coat. The shampoo neutralizes unwanted stains and makes your horse shine again as nature intended. The result will be visible after just one wash. The Silver Shampoo has a refreshing effect due to the lime that is incorporated in the ingredients.


Shiny Silver should be applied with a sponge. After washing, we recommend rinsing the coat well to avoid a purple glow. In this way, the shampoo neutralizes unwanted stains and brings the natural color back into the coat. While applying the shampoo, it is important that the shampoo turns from purple to white. You do this by distributing the shampoo evenly and massaging it in well.

The shampoo should be left on for 4 to 5 minutes and rinsed thoroughly for best results.

#Insta-nt love

I think it's really nice shampoos to work with! Her fur became super fine and soft and shined completely 😍


Normally I have to wash his tail 3/4 x to get it white and even then it still has a kind of brown glow over it and that's with the 'good' stuff like cowboy magic


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